We believe strongly in education options that work best for each individual family. While we believe that Streams of Hope Christian Academy is a great educational option, we recognize that it doesn’t work for all families. Because of this, we want to empower and support families who decide to homeschool.

If you are looking for a little help to get started with homeschooling, or maybe just want someone to provide feedback on the path you have your children on, we are here to support and empower you to educate your children well.

Listed below are the services that are available to you to help support your homeschooling journey. All proceeds from these services help support Streams of Hope Christian Academy’s mission in providing a unique and individualized approach to education.

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For More Information

Please contact:

Jill Haskins

Call or Text: 260-246-2342


High School Transcript Service (grades 8/9-12)— $25/transcript
  • Write and complete the official high school transcript (no previous transcript required) 
  • We will keep the transcript record for 10 years
  • Create course descriptions for your records 
High School Transcript Update (grades 8/9-12)— $10/transcript
  • Update previously written transcript (either from Streams of Hope or from homeschool) 
  • We will keep this transcript on record for 10 years
High School Path Planning (grades 9-12)— $50/student
  • We will meet with parents and student to plan out a general path of classes for high school.
  • Discuss goals for after high school and look at options for electives/dual credit 
  • Browse curriculum  
  • Does not include choosing curriculum, lesson planning or transcript services 
Homeschool Consulting (1st-12th Grade)— $20/family
  • Discuss and answer questions about how to begin homeschooling 
  • Browse curriculum 
  • Provide help to determine the path that is best for your family 
  • Discuss learning styles and overall goals for your homeschool
Placement testing + 1 year Curriculum Planning— $300/student
  • Asses your child to determine grade/ability level as well as learning styles.  
  • Suggest curriculum options based on your input and the needs of the student.  
  • Provide 1 year of lesson plans to be used through  Homeschool Planet (
    * subscription not included in price and is required ($69.95)

  • Provide training for (lesson management, attendance, and record keeping) 
  • Provide a list of suggested curriculum to purchase including links/cost of purchase**
  • Does not include oversight of your student’s education throughout the year 
  • Provide ongoing help regarding curriculum, and general education questions throughout the school year 

** Cost does not include textbooks/supplies **

    Yearly Achievement Testing (3rd-12th grade)- $65/test
    • IOWA Assessments administered on a determined date each May 
    • Review/interpret test results 
    • We will keep these results on recored for 5 years.