Mrs. Willig's Class

Supply List

2-3 beginner Ticonderoga pencils with eraser (first graders)

24 Ticonderoga pencils for students 2nd grade +

1- set Headphones (used daily- good quality preferred)

1 box erasable colored pencils

4- Pink Pearl or white Pentel erasers

1- pair of Fiskars brand scissors

4- Glue sticks

1- Pencil pouch or box/holder

1- one-subject spiral notebook (3-4 grade)

3- one-subject spiral notebooks (5th grade +)

2 - pocket folders with just pockets, NOT with 3-hole fasteners

1- backpack

1- lunch box (if staying full day)

1- closed-top water bottle

1- box of tissues

1-bottle personal hand sanitizer

1- container of disinfecting wipes

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!