Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a mission statement?

Recognizing students’ unique academic, social and spiritual needs while nurturing them to be creative, self-motivated and Holy Spirit led leaders who courageously impact every area of culture with the Gospel of the Kingdom of God.

What are the key parts to your educational philosophy?

1. Personalized curriculum that is chosen based on the unique needs of each student

2. Safe, mixed-age classrooms that nurture independent learning and mentoring relationships

3. Flexible enrollment options including half day, full day and afternoon classes focused on the arts, faith and life skills

4. Faith-centered environment where students can grow to love and serve Jesus while discovering their gifts and talents

What does the phrase “partnership-with-parents” mean?

Parental help is absolutely essential in this non-traditional method of schooling. Parents will need to daily monitor their student’s progress and check completed homework as agreed upon in advance. The extent of parental involvement and encouragement makes a vital difference in students’ progress and outlook toward their schoolwork. 

How can you accomplish your objectives with different grade levels in one classroom?

Students are tested diagnostically and placed at their level of achievement in each subject, rather than assigned curriculum based on age and grade level. Also, students second grade and older have their own weekly personal planner pages. Under supervision, each student is responsible to complete assigned work.

What kinds of educational materials do you use?

Based on students’ needs, we choose from a wide variety of curricula, both Christian and Christian friendly, which includes textbooks, workbooks, manipulatives, computer programs and tutorial courses on DVD. We employ computers/iPads, and we also practice English and math concepts orally and in timed drills.

Do you cover as much material during the year as the public schools?

As students are able, we usually accomplish each level’s academic objectives. Students work at their own pace, and are not pushed ahead by faster-achieving students or held back by slower ones. They complete and correct their work before going on to the next concept. Students must master all assigned material, especially in math and language arts, before proceeding to the next lesson.

Do you offer a complete educational curriculum?

We cover a complete range of academic educational topics. While we do our best to provide a complete education, there are times when we cannot provide specific classes (i.e. physical education). We do, however, have resources to help ensure a well rounded education. For high school students, we utilize a wide variety of online classes, dual enrollment options, and work with parents closely to ensure that all high school credits are earned. 

Do you follow a traditional school year schedule?

We follow a modified schedule. We begin the school year early in August and take regular breaks during the year, which include a week in late September, a full week at Thanksgiving, two full weeks at Christmas (usually), one week in mid-February, and one week at spring break. Our year usually ends by the first week in June. Because of our regular weeks off, we do not take off individual days for President’s Day, Veteran’s Day, etc.

What if our family wants to take a short vacation other than during school vacations?

This is fine. Simply notify us as soon as you know the date(s), and we will plan accordingly. We may also have occasion to cancel school or schedule at-home school days, such as for conferences or unexpected staff situations. We will notify you of those as they arise. 

Will there be regular parent-teacher communication?

Yes. We will communicate regularly by email or text, and we also communicate in person or by phone. Parents are welcome to call at any time. It’s great to have immediate feedback, and questions can be quickly answered and concerns addressed.

Will we be able to observe your school in operation?

Parents of current students are welcome to drop in at any time; we welcome them as a vital part of the educational team. Parents of prospective students are welcome to visit but must make an appointment first.

Do you schedule field trips?

We rarely take field trips due to logistical complications. Parents are encouraged to make the most of afternoons or at-home school days for special excursions.

Is your schooling situation legal?

Yes. Under Indiana law, we are classified as a private school, and we follow the state law, which stipulates that we teach an equivalent curriculum and follow a 180-day school year.

How do we enroll our student?

Fill out the Student Enrollment Form, pay the non-refundable $75.00 application fee, read and sign the Parent-Student-Teacher Agreement, and schedule a diagnostic assessment.

How does high school work at Streams of Hope?

High School requires a unique approach to planning. Our teachers are able to provide a complete high school education that allows students to graduate with a Streams of Hope high school diploma. In addition to the diploma, we provide high school transcripts that are accepted at colleges and universities across the country. For more questions about High School, see our High School FAQ.