Tuition & Scholarship Information


Streams of Hope offers half-day or full-day options for students. Tuition prices include textbook fees.


$325 per month ($3250 per school year)


$400 per month ($4000 per school year) Tuition is payable from September through May (August tuition will be paid upon enrollment) and is due on the first school day of each month.



One of our goals at Streams of Hope is to make tuition as affordable as possible. Because of this, our tuition rates are already well below most other private schools.

We do have a very limited amount of scholarship funds are available to eligible families. Our scholarship funds are made available in two ways:

  1. Multi-Student Discount – For families enrolling more than one student, we offer a $50 a month discount for each additional student.
  2. Reduced Tuition Scholarship – We are currently accepting requests for reduced tuition. If a reduced tuition rate is awarded for the upcoming school year, it must be reapplied for the following year. (Please understand that we are not able to accommodate every request due to limited funds.)

In order to begin the financial aid process, please do the following:

  1. Fill out the online application for enrollment
  2. Meet with our teachers
  3. If it is determined that Streams of Hope could be the right fit for your family, you will be provided with the scholarship application

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